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If the properties of the soil surrounding your structure's foundation are changing, you may need to extend your foundation. By extending your home or building's foundation, the structure rests easier on a more supportive soil stratum.

Stabilize your structure

This heavy-duty system is used across the country to lift and stabilize commercial and residential structures, and to prevent further vertical settlement. This system is our product of choice for foundation repair, with more than 30 tons of support capacity.

Enjoy the power of Magnum's Steel Push Piering

Why choose Magnum Steel Push?

•Full scale load test with each pier installation

•Fast and efficient pier installation process

•Greater power, versatility, and precision lifting and stabilization



Get a permanently stable foundation with our patented system.

The Magnum Steel Push Pier System is designed by engineers who understand the complexities of soil mechanics and structural load support requirements. When a Magnum push pier is installed to refusal, a full-scale load test is being conducted on all of the components.





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Discover a superior system

Get patented support

Our technicians prefer Magnum for several reasons. Magnum offers two heavy duty foundation brackets to choose from to provide needed flexibility to address variables with footings. These systems also offer hydraulic rams that can be installed by a single technician to save you costs on labor.





Professional and expert installation

Full Scale Load Testing

with each installed Pier

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