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If the foundation in your residential or commercial land has shifted, contact the experts at A+ Waterproofing and Foundation Repair LLC.  Your foundation may be in serious need of helical piles for ground anchoring.

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Helical piles have significant load bearing capacity, and are used in both compression (downward) and tension (uplift) applications. When a helical pier is installed into suitable soil, the load of the structure is transferred to the bearing plates welded to the shaft.





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•Fast installation

•Pre-engineered system

•Variety of piles and capacities

•No soil spoils

•Small maneuverable installation equipment

•Dual cutting edge helix

•Single bolt connection

•Reinforced dual-sleeve connector


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Helical piles and piering have many uses, and are great for when you need deep foundation piles for new construction, concrete-less foundations for light construction, concrete slap lifting and stabilization, shoring, tiebacks and wall anchors, slope stabilization, boardwalks and pedestrian bridges, and pipeline.





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Benefits of helical piering


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Helical piles